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Abstracts 1: Sail Series

Sculptures in bronze on abstract themes, beginning with a series of related pieces with a sail-like form

First Sail

Bronze on basalt, height c.180cm, 1975

(Private collection)

This early piece shows ideas which have been carried forward and developed over the years in this "Sail Series"

Sail Series 1

Bronze on slate, height c.16cm, 1977

(Artist's collection)

Basic ideas of form and structure for the continuing Sail Series were established here.

Sailo Series 2

Sail Series 2

Bronze on slate, height c.40cm, 1989

(Artist's collection)

This piece is perhaps the simplest expression of the ideas, showing the three elements: a sail shaped top form, a twist to a base form and use of contrasting colour/texture effects.


Sail Series 3

Bronze on slate, height c.45cm, 1989

(Private collection)

Here the sail section is taken to an extreme, emphasising this aspect of the form


Sail Series 4

Bronze on slate, height c.32cm, 1989

(Private collection)

By polishing the top, sail section, this area appears to be lightened, and is again emphasised.


Sail Series 5 (Chestnut)

Bronze on slate base, height c.35cm, 1987

( In a private collection )

Using a chestnut coloured patina changes the character of a sail form, giving a more earthy quality to the piece.

Sail Series 6

Bronze on slate, height c.25cm, 1989

(Private collection)

A small sail form, using the idea of a hole pierced through the metal for the first time.

Sail Series 7

Bronze on slate, height c.36cm, 1990

(Private collection)

Textures and forms can be used to suggest qualities of rootedness and flight in the same piece.

Sail Series 7 is on its way

Sail Series 8

Bronze on slate, height c.45cm 1992

(Artist's collection)

The hole through a piece like this can be related amongst other things to transparent areas used in some sails and the piercings used by Barbara Hepworth in some of her abstract pieces.


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