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Including sculptures made partly in wood, partly in bronze

The pieces on this page are all early works dating from the 1970's


Bronze, Elm, height c.90cm, 1975-93

(Artist's Collection)

This piece has took a very long time to reach this stage. The top bronze section was made in about 1975, and originally stood on a small marble base. Some years later, the marble was replaced by the top wood section. In 1993, the middle bronze section and the wood plinth were added.


Two Piece

Bronze, oak, height c.42cm. 1979

(Artist's collection)

One of the first pieces to combine wood and cast metal elements, the success of this experiment has led to many others.


Bronze, oak, height c.50cm

(Atrist's collection)

The happy result of an unfortunate accident. The bronze disc was created when a mold full of molten metal (intended to be jewellery) burst, filling the bottom of the supporting vessel, with interesting results.

After Tutankhamun

Aluminium, height c.8cm, 1975

(Artist's collection)

A very early surviving piece, cast in aluminium as a sand-casting from a polystyrene carving, inspired by the great interest in ancient Egypt created by the Tutankhamun exhibition in London.

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