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Including wood/bronze sculpture inspired by visits to Japan

The first three pieces shown on this page were made in 1995, shortly after returning from 8 weeks in Japan, time spent studying Japanese traditional metalworking methods and materials, in particular those relevant to casting. They therefore carry a lot of my impressions of that country. I had also very recently moved into the house and studio which I had spent the past 18 months converting from an old range of stone farm buildings. The source for the wood and stone was fragments of leftover material from the conversion work.


Bronze, Pitch Pine, Sandstone, height c.55cm

(Artist's collection)

In Japanese, tolo means a lantern, in particular the kind that are found in the grounds of temples.




Bronze, pine, sandstone, height c.95cm, 1995

(Artist's collection)

Katana is the Japanese word for a sword or blade.


The Watcher

Bronze, pine, sandstone, height c.130cm, 1995


On a pinnacle

Something watches.

This next piece was made shortly after another trip to Japan in late 1996

Strange Fruit

Bronze, Elm, height c.40cm, 1997

Artist's collection

The bronze section is a first attempt at Iwake, a Japanese special technique for combining two metals in one mold. Although the piece cast successfully, the special effect is only very slight, and scarcely visible. The patina used is the Japanese Rokusho recipe.

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