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Abstracts 4

Sculptures exploring different tangents

Photograph of the bronze sculpture "Africa"


Bronze on slate, height c.45cm 1984

(Private collection)

Inscribed on the Africa shaped bronze part of the base are the words "and behold, a pale horse", which refers to the four horsemen of the apocalypse, an event which seemed to be portrayed nightly on our television screens at the time.

Cubic waves

Stainless steel on bronze plinth, height c 42cm 1993

(Private collection)

Am experimental piece, exploiting the distortions and colouring produced when welding the steel sheets which form the cube. Texture and depth were added to the surfaces by using a grinder to make swirling patterns.


Bronze on slate, height c.28cm, 1982

(Private collection)

A mysterious little creature is seen emerging from the cracking egg-form.


Bronze, 1989, height c.33cm

(Private collection)

An experiment in technique using polystyrene as the main body and building onto it with liquid wax, then burning away the plastic and wax in the mold for metal casting.

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