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Sculptures made in silver and in bronze, for various reasons, but having in common the theme of animals, including birds, dogs and horses

Eagle Owl (Wine Cooler)

Silver, height c.60cm, 1991.

Hamilton & Inches Ltd (Jewellers & Silversmiths by appointment to HM The Queen), of George St, Edinburgh, commissioned this piece in celebration of their 125th anniversary. It is in the form of a life-size Eagle Owl, standing on a log. The head lifts off to reveal an ice-bucket capable of holding a magnum of Champagne. When assayed, this was the heaviest piece of silverwork ever recorded at the Edinburgh Assay Office. The piece is now in a private collection.

Hebridean Sheep

Silver, height (sheep) c.12cm on a burr elm base, 2003

Made for the Hebridean Sheep Society as a trophy for the Royal Highland Show, when the breed was first accepted as a class in 2003.

Photograph of cockerel in bronze


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Bronze on marble, height c.30cm, 1996 and 1997

Commissioned by Scottish Courage Ltd, after Scottish & Newcastle took over Courage breweries. The starting point was the fighting cock trademark of Courage. A silver model was made first as a retirement presentation for the Chairman of Scottish Courage, and bronze replicas were subsequently made as corporate presentation pieces.

Photograph of cockerel in silver
Photograph of Weimaraner dog sculpture


Rogin on Elm base, length c.30cm, 1997

Rogin is a silver containing bronze alloy developed in Japan, and used in this piece, a portrait of a particular dog, for its colour.

(Private collection)

Heraldic Horse

Bronze on marble, height c.40cm, 1997

(Private Collection)

Commissioned as a birthday present. Perhaps the answer to "what do you buy for the man who has everything?" The form starts from the "prancing pony" badge of Ferrari cars, the recipient being a Ferrari owner.

Photograph of Heraldic Horse sculpture

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