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Bronze on elm, Height x mm, 2009

Commissioned by Scottish Enterprise as a set of trophies for the Scottish Offshore Achievement Awards

Johnnie Walker Challenge Trophy (Perpetual)

Mixed media, height x mm, 2007

Commissioned by Diageo Ltd, a new trophy for the Johnnie Walker Golf Classic at Gleneagles.

The materials used : oak, bronze, glass, whisky, stainless steel, titanium, hickory and carbon fibre. These are all associated with whisky or golf.

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Bronze on oak, Height, 2007

Commissioned by Wembley Stadium for their reception desk.
The ball is a cast of a full-size football.

Anniversary Piece

Bronze on elm, height x cm, 2006

Private commission


Bronze on elm, height x cm, 2006

Artist's collection

Young Dancer of Mann

Bronze on elm, Height x cm, 2006

Commissioned by The Arts Council of the Isle of Man to be awarded to the young dancer of the year on the Isle of Man.

RNLI Supporters Award

Bronze on Elm, Height x cm, 2005-9, recomissioned for 2010-14

Commissioned by the RNLI (Lifeboats), a set of seven small bronzes, to be awarded to their supporters in various categories each year for 5 years.

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Bronze on aluminium frame, height 90 cm, 2005

For a private client. The sundial was designed to pick up on themes in the architecture of the house behind it.

The bronze, just after installation at Port Elphinstone

The Port Arch

The Port Elphinstone Gateway Sculpture

Bronze on Granite, Height 170 cm, 2004

Commissioned by Aberdeenshire Towns Partnership in May 2004 and installed in November 2004

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Decorative garden arch, height c.1m

Sandstone and bronze, 2002

For a private client