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Figurative sculpture based on work done in life-drawing

High Heels Series

Silver on elm base

There are several starting points for these pieces. This series was started as something of a reaction to having been commissioned to make a series of silver military statuettes. They could be seen as camp followers! In treatment, they derive from Art Deco chryselephantine statuettes, although the colours are here created by the use of patination rather than contrasting materials.

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Bronze, height c.55cm, 1986

(Private collection)

Made in the late 1980's as a result of participation in a regular life-drawing group.

Joyce (high relief)

Bronze, 45cm by 31cm, 1989

(Artist's collection)

A study originally worked up in clay from life.


Bronze, low relief panel, 28cm by 45cm

Framed in natural maple and pitch pine.

Although started in 1990, this piece was not finished until 1998. It is based on life drawing sessions, and also refers to various historical interpretations of this theme. The piece is available in an edition of 7 casts.


Photograph of Circledance


Bronze, slate, height c.25cm 1983

(Artist's collection)

This piece started from the outer circle, which was the result of an accidental spillage of molten metal whose interesting shape and texture inspired the work.

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