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High Heels Series

Silver on elm base

There are several starting points for these pieces. This series was started as something of a reaction to having been commissioned to make a series of silver military statuettes. They could be seen as camp followers! In treatment, they derive from Art Deco chryselephantine statuettes, although the colours are here created by the use of patination rather than contrasting materials.

Striding 3,4

Silver on elm, height c.25cm 1993

Further pursuit of the theme, the figure is striding out, with a strong contrast between the polished representation of flesh, and patinated representation of clothing.

Similar to "High Heels 1" but all polished silver. This clearly shows how colouring alters the mood of a piece of sculpture.

Stretching 1,2

Bronze on elm, height c.25cm 1993

Here the use of a bronze alloy produces a warmer feel to the piece, whether using contrasting polish and black patina, or rokusho finish

Sitting on a high stool (Tomarigi)

Bronze, on elm base, height c.20cm 1998

(In a Japanese collection)

This seated version has been polished then patinated with the Japanese chemical formulation called Rokusho and another abstract form added, to change the colour and setting and hence the mood.


Sitting 6

Silver on elm base, height c. 20cm 1996

(Artist's collection)

Another variation: seated, in silver, part-patinated.