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Military Commissions 3


Silver on painted wood, length c.18cm

This piece is a remaking of an original small silver statuette which was lost in a fire. It was presented to the Argylls by an Indian Army Regiment, to mark an event they shared during the Battle of Monte Casino in the Second World War. All that remained of the original was a small photograph, so the piece had to be reworked from period uniforms and kit in the Regimental Museum at Stirling Castle.

Gulf Soldier

Silver, height c.22cm, 1991

Several versions of this figure were commissioned. After the Gulf War, a number of different regiments chose to commemorate their part in the campaign with a statuette. The original was ordered by the King's Own Scottish Borderers, who also commissioned an edition of 25 bronze replicas.

Piper of the Royal Scots Regiment

Silver, height c.22cm 1989

(Royal Scots Museum, Edinburgh Castle, and other regimental collections)

A number of casts of this piece were used as gift presentations by the Royal Scots, and a cast was also retained for the regimental museum.


Silver, height c.27cm, 1993

The Royal Company of Archers form the Queen's ceremonial bodyguard when she is in Scotland.