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Private Commissions

These works were made for individual private clients. 
Photograph of silver model of Neidpath Castle

Neidpath Castle

Silver, height c.10cm, 1991

(Private collection)

A small model of the castle near Peebles in the Scottish Borders, made as a gift for the owner.

Photograph of Weimaraner dog sculpture


Rogin on Elm base, length c.30cm, 1997

(Private collection)

A portrait of a Weimaraner bitch, cast in Rogin, which is an alloy of Japanese origin, main constituents copper, tin and silver. It has a pleasing colour which was very suitable for this particular dog.

Photograph of Heraldic Horse sculpture

Heraldic Horse

Bronze on marble, height c.40cm, 1997

(Private Collection)

Commissioned as a birthday present. Perhaps the answer to "what do you buy for the man who has everything?" The form starts from the "prancing pony" badge of Ferrari cars, the recipient being a Ferrari owner.


Bronze on Elm Base, c.20cm, 1998

(Private collection)

A miniature portrait of a Hungarian Vizla bitch in the characteristic act of pointing.