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Sports Trophy Commissions

Sports Sponsorship Awards

Silver, Copper, Stainless steel on Cherry bases

30cm, 24cm 2004, 2005

Sportscotland commissioned this set of trophies. One half is given to the sponsor, the othe to the team or athlete. The larger silver/copper piece is a perpetual trophy.

Scottish Open Trophy

FormerlyLoch Lomond International Challenge Trophy

Silver golf trophy, length c.35cm. 1996

Since its inception in 1996, this competition has rapidly become one of the premier golfing events in Britain. The trophy is a model of Rhosdubh House, a Georgian mansion which is used as the clubhouse.

( Antonia Reeve Photography, Edinburgh)

Loch Lomond International Challenge Trophy

(Winners' Replicas)

Silver golf trophy, length c.35cm. 1996-2004.

A full size replica, like the one shown here, is kept by the winner each year.

Photograph of Horse-racing trophy

The Linlithgow & Stirlingshire Hunt Perpetual Trophy

Bronze on wood base, length c.22cm

Modelled on a running fox, this is a trophy for a horse race run annually at Perth.

Photograph of Gymnastics trophy

Gymnastics Trophy

Bronze on oak and bronze, height c. 20cm

Commissioned for the Scottish Amateur Gymnastics Association by Scottish Post Office Letters in 1988 . The larger version is for the club of the year, the smaller ones for individual events (see linked image).

The Scottish Equitable Trophy

Silver on marble base, height c.20cm, 1997.

Trophy for a horse race at the Perth course. Commissioned by the Scottish Equitable Life Insurance Co.