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Useful Things


Bronze, with quartz movement, height c.15cm, 1979

Chess Set

Bronze, Queen height c.6cm, 1977

The design of a chess set presents interesting and difficult problems, in particular that of presenting the pieces in an original yet recognisable way. The white and black sets are differentiated by the white being finished as polished metal, the black having a dark patina.

photograph of candle-stick-maker

Candle Stick Maker

Bronze, height c.30cm, 1976 and later

(casts exist in private collections and the artist's collection)

There are three faces: one says "candle", one "stick" and the other "maker", which makes a candle stick.


A range of jewellery made in cast bronze and silver between 1979 and 1992.


Bronze base, glass globe, heightc.30cm, 1999/2000

Commissioned by Scottish Enterprise as a prize for the top three companies in the "Elite 20" competition, marking the most successful Scottish companies of 1999.


Bronze, height c 10cm, 2000

A kensui is a vessel used to store the waste water generated during the Taking of Tea, Cha no Yu , better known as the Japanese Tea Ceremony. This piece was one of several made by a group of mainly Scottish-based makers for an exhibition at The Lighthouse in Glasgow, "A tea-house for the city", exploring the relevance of the way of tea in the context of a Scottish city.
Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing systems were used to help make this piece.