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Animal Portraits

A much loved family pet, prize winning champion, a gift... the reasons could be many, but a favorite animal can be immortalised in silver... the gift for "someone who has everything"?
Photograph of Weimaraner dog sculpture


Rogin on Elm base, length c.30cm, 1997

(Private collection)

A portrait of a Weimaraner bitch, cast in Rogin, which is an alloy of Japanese origin, main constituents copper, tin and silver. It has a pleasing colour which was very suitable for this particular dog

Grey Seal and Pup

Silver, width c.30cm, 1992

(Private collection)

This piece was based on studies at the Farne Islands.


Bronze on Elm Base, c.20cm, 1998(Private collection)A miniature portrait of a Hungarian Vizla bitch in the characteristic act of pointing.

Eagle Owl (Wine Cooler)

Silver, height c.60cm, 1991.The gift for someone who has everything...?

In the form of a life-size Eagle Owl, standing on a log, the head lifts off to reveal an ice-bucket capable of holding a magnum of Champagne. When assayed, this was the heaviest piece of silverwork ever recorded at the Edinburgh Assay Office. The piece is now in a private collection

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