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Anniversary Gifts

What better way to celebrate a silver wedding than to commission a unique piece of silverware? Or of course bronze is always a less expensive option.Some starting points for ideas below, but get in touch to discuss your own ideas, look through our portfolio section, whatever... when commissioning the whole point is that you get what you want.


OK, so this is a bronze clock, but clocks do make good gifts, don't they, and we have yet to make a silver one. Modern quartz movements leave the maker free to play with the form of the case with few constraints.


This bronze water vessel, for use in the Japanese Way of Tea, carries a fragment of a quotation from a poem by Robert Burns. Your commissioned object could use a cast inscription in a decorative manner like this.

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This 8 inch statuette was made in silver for a British Army Regiment. Silver is a good material for small scale figures.

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