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Awards and Trophies

Trophies and awards made include pieces for: RNLI Supporters Awards, The Scotland PLC Awards, SportScotland, Scottish Enterprise, The National Mod, Scottish Courage, The Scottish Open (Golf).

There are many occasions which need to be commemorated, and finding the right object to mark the event can be difficult. By commissioning a sculptural work, relevance is ensured, leading to confidence that the recipients will value their award.Here are a few examples of work made as awards or trophies for corporate clients.

Sports Sponsorship Awards

Silver, Copper, Stainless steel on Cherry bases

30cm, 24cm 2004, 2005

Sportscotland commissioned this set of trophies. One half is given to the sponsor, the othe to the team or athlete. The larger silver/copper piece is a perpetual trophy.

Short Story Prize

Bronze, oak, height c.30cm, 1987

Post Office Letters sponsored this piece as a trophy to be awarded to the winner of an annual short story competition held as part of the National Mod (the annual festival of Scottish Gaelic culture) . The source used for the design was spiral motifs in Celtic decoration, and responses to Scottish landscape moods.
Photograph of cockerel in bronze


Bronze on marble, height c.30cm, 1996 and 1997

Commissioned by Scottish Courage Ltd, after Scottish & Newcastle took over Courage breweries. The starting point was the fighting cock trademark of Courage. A silver model was made first as a retirement presentation for the Chairman of Scottish Courage, and bronze replicas were subsequently made as corporate presentation pieces.
Photograph of cockerel in silver


Bronze base, glass globe, heightc.30cm, 1999, and 2000

Commissioned by Scottish Enterprise as a prize for the top three companies in the "Elite 20" competition, marking the most successful Scottish companies of 1999 and again in 2000.
The 2000 awards were designed and made using some CAD/CAM procedures.

Further examples may be found by browsing our portfolio