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Sculpture and Applied Art made to be used in Churches

Celtic Cross

Bronze, height c.25cm. 1976.

Made as a student project


Bronze, width c.32cm. 1992.

Commissioned by the Church of St Andrew & St George, George St, Edinburgh. This church was the first to be built in Edinburgh's 18th century "New Town", and the interior retains its original form and decoration. It is a fine and unusual oval in shape, and this piece was designed to pick up motifs from the decorative plasterwork.



Bronze, diameter c.30cm. 1994.

Also for the Church of St Andrew & St George, and similarly designed to blend with the existing interior.

Font-liner and Ewer

Gilding metal and Bronze, diameter c.36cm. 1990.

Commissioned by St Boswell's Parish Church in the Scottish Borders. Unusually, apart from the handle and spout of the ewer, these pieces were raised from sheet metal rather than cast, this being a more suitable method as a solution to the problem of making a metal liner for a stone font. The recess in the longer arm of the cross acts as a resting-place for the ewer when in use.