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Military Silver

We have extensive experience in this field, having made centrepieces and statuettes for numerous (mainly Scottish) Regiments of the British Army, and the Royal Navy. A few examples are illustrated here. We always welcome enquiries, and will be glad to discuss your needs.

The Queen's Own Highlanders Regiment

Thirty Years

Silver Centrepiece on wood base, height c.48cm. 1991

The Sergeants' and Warrant Officers' Mess of the Queens Own Highlanders regiment commissioned this piece to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the amalgamation of the Seaforth and Cameron Highlanders which formed the new regiment in 1961. The four figures depict uniforms at particular postings during this period, in Brunei, Northern Ireland and the Gulf War. The central figure is in the ceremonial uniform of 1991.

(photographer unknown: will attribute if contacted)

The Royal Navy

"On The Step"

Silver (part oxidised) on painted wood. Length c.60cm. 1991

This is a model of a "Conqueror" class submarine, commissioned by the Royal Navy when this type of vessel was being taken out of service. A unique characteristic was their high surface speed, when, as depicted here, the submarine could ride its own bow wave like a speedboat

Royal Scots Regiment

Drum Major

Silver on painted wood base, height c.35cm. 1989.


Made for the Regimental Museum at Edinburgh Castle. The Royal Scots or the First Regiment of Foot are the oldest infantry regiment in the British Army, their nickname being "Pontius Pilate's Bodyguard". The statuette depicts a modern bandsman.

Edinburgh Castle

Silver Centrepiece for HMS Edinburgh, Elm base, length c.45cm. 1987.

Commissioned by the Royal Navy Trophy Centre for the wardroom of HMS Edinburgh. The piece is used as a centrepiece when the ship's captain entertains guests on board. The base was made by Tim Stead.

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