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Abbreviated Terms of Business

  1. All correspondence relating to a commission or sale will be considered part of the contract, whether by electronic or paper or any other means.
  2. All copyrights relating to any works sold remain the property of the maker, unless otherwise agreed in writing. This includes sculptures, the design of craft objects, and any images, regardless of the medium involved.
  3. The purchaser of any sculpture or commissioned article is only buying title to those finished goods listed in the sale, and not to any designs, molds or intermediate forms in any medium whatsoever. Neither do they have any right to reproduce such article(s) sold in any medium. Should any purchaser wish any such rights, they will be the subject of a separate sale.
  4. The vendors assert their moral rights to the intellectual property attached to all work.
  5. Goods supplied are for artistic and decorative purposes only, and any title applied is for descriptive purposes only, and does not imply suitability for any use other than decorative.
  6. All title to goods supplied remains with the vendor until full payment has been made.
  7. Payments will normally be staged. A first part due on agreement of a design, the balance due before delivery of the completed work, although the vendors reserve the right to arrange for further intermediate instalments for large works. All payments will be subject to the purchaser having reasonable rights of inspection of the work, either by visiting the vendors or other agreed means (such as photographs).
  8. Liability by the vendors shall be limited to the value of the goods supplied, the vendors will not be liable for any consequential losses related in any way to the goods supplied.
  9. In the event of any dispute, Scots Law will apply.